‘Bring in the bottled lightning!’ – thus exclaimed Charles Dickens before one of his Public Readings. Unsurprisingly, I swiped the moniker for my theatre company, which presented my recent productions of Sikes & Nancy and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. ‘Bottled Lightning’ now stands for all that I hold dear in theatre – the heightened, the melodramatic, the grotesque and the Gothic. It also stands, at present, for one-man theatre. This blog will chronicle that one man’s pursuit of the abundant riches that lie in acting – a craft that fulfills absolutely when taken as a template for life. Expect updates on current projects, appraisals of books and films, tales from the Dungeon and tirades that stretch from Atwill to Zucco.

I am eternally contactable at james.c.swanton@gmail.com, as well as through the comment facilities on this website.

The whole gory story can be found at www.jamesswanton.com.

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