Bits, Bobs and Odds

Baffling, isn’t it – how everything happens at once? And always right at the end of the month? You know, literally in the last few hours of the very last day? I mean, God forbid it’s more a case of me rushing, in an agony of guilty conscience, to meet my fanciful self-imposed quota of two blog entries per month – on peril of disappointing my hordes (hordes, hordes!) of diligent, conscientious, and (most unkindest cut) time denomination-obsessed readers!

No. No, I believe that month-ends carry an innate mystic charge. Howsoever traumatic and debilitating the peregrinations of blodge-upkeepery maysoever become, it’s all of a piece with some wider cosmic pattern. Which brings me swiftly (almost) to the point: I have three announcements to make!

Announcement the First: I’ve created a website for myself, located at! I felt this was an inevitable step, in order to establish a more stable online profile. To be honest, I haven’t much enjoyed the creation process: it’s meant a scattered week of excavating my own personality. I’m now bereft of any quirky, soupy or wacky details about my life; the website’s taken it all, folks (and there wasn’t all that much to begin with). As an actor, though, all I’ve really got to sell is me. So I’m forced to mine my quarry. And now the site’s largely finished, I’ll have an instant solution every time someone asks me for a date, a link, a quote, or a photo. (Alright, I’ll admit it: I enjoyed compiling the Photos section far more than I rightly should.) The website will also relax any pressure on this blog to carry out serious promotional activities. (Or meet that blasted monthly quota; though I’m not relenting yet!) The blog will instead be freed up – for the deranged, embittered and self-pitying invective on which I truly thrive.

Concerning this blog, the website has another useful function. I’ve created an archive of former blog entries, located on the Links page (two hyperlinks for you there). This should make older posts considerably easier to find.

In the next few days, I’ll be following up my website with other ghoulish self-publicity strategies – a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, I have no doubt! So do watch out for those. I’ll keep you posted via the website – which you are, by the way, duty-bound to Favourite.

Announcement the Second: Sikes & Nancy is returning on 23rd March! I’ll be performing as part of York Theatre Royal’s Imaginarium, which is being produced by Scrooge & Marley co-conspirator Oli O’Shea. Due to my show’s disturbing nature, I’ll be performing in the later time-slot of 9pm-12pm – so if you’re intending to see me, do please book for that one. Don’t rule out the earlier slot, though; I’m sure there’s abundant fascination to be had in both. There may also be ticket deals on the horizon. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll make sure to post anything beneficial on my website.

Imaginarium‘s set to be an eclectic kaleidoscope of very different theatre pieces: a feast of ‘the captivating, the bizarre, and the exquisite’ (I’m not certain which most appropriately describes Sikes & Nancy). The official line-up will be announced in the next week. I’ve been informed that some Edgar Allan Poe might also feature in the PG-13/midnight movie slot. This would complement Sikes & Nancy exceptionally well: I recently performed ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ as an audition piece, and the performance experience was eerily similar. (Actually, Poe admitted that ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ was inspired by Dickens’s inclusion of ‘A Madman’s Manuscript’ in The Pickwick Papers. I examined its influence on ‘Sikes and Nancy’ in a previous blog entry.)

I’m hugely excited about Imaginarium. It’s a pleasing next step in the continuing growth of Sikes & Nancy, which has rattled on for nearly a year now. Although I’ll have to abridge the script to fit a fifty minute time-slot, I’m convinced that my experience with the longer version will influence the way I play it. I hope it will be more concentrated, more focused, more deeply alive. The venue, St William’s College, also keeps up the tradition of playing Sikes & Nancy in ancient and (potentially) haunted spaces. Who knows what ghosts lurk in this medieval building, cast in the shadows of York Minster for three quarters of a millennium? Imaginarium will also be a homecoming of sorts. York Theatre Royal was where I cut my teeth on acting: both by practice (all those years with York Youth Theatre) and by inspiration (marvelling at David Leonard’s Shakespearean villainy in the pantomime). And it goes without saying that I’m delighted to be doing a professional theatre in my home town.

Announcement the Third: I’m very proud to be one of the actors reopening The York Dungeon! As you may know, the Dungeon faced horrendous flooding towards the end of 2012; a cursory Google search turns up the whole gory story. This meant a few quite lovely things: selling charity cakes outside the building (to frenzied screams of ‘CIKE!’ and ‘CUKE!’); accidentally filling my wellies with diseased flood water; crowningly, attacking Serena Redshaw with an umbrella in full monastic dress – only to see the footage appear on the national BBC News (pictured below). Redundancy, sadly, was inevitable, and it’s to the management’s credit that the actors were treated so kindly throughout the anomalous situation. It was the end of an era: the parting of a long-established team.

Evil Media Control

Now, however, the Dungeon is rising from the sodden ashes. Spurred on by the recent relocation/rebranding of The London Dungeon – which saw such scintillating additions as Brian Blessed – the York incarnation has been extensively reimagined. Obviously, I can’t give away too many details; apart from anything else, I don’t know that much yet. However, I have been told that every script has been redrafted. This is sure to have a knock-on effect. Denied the chance to salvage vocal patterns from the old Dungeon, every character will be galvanised into vivid new life. Those parts of the attraction hit by the floods – including everything mentioned in this post – have been pulled apart and built from scratch. And although we won’t have Brian Blessed, I’ve no doubt that we’ll have the great Bryan Heeley.

The costume designs and makeup effects are also getting an overhaul, in aid of greater authenticity. This will result in fewer faces of this calibre, but that’s a fairly small price for artistic integrity:

Vintage Dungeon Face

The doors creak open to admit the public from 29th March – so you’ll have chance to see me in action a mere week after Imaginarium! (Lucky public!) Two million of your finest recession pounds have been lavished on the Dungeon’s refurbishment. I have every faith it’ll be the best The York Dungeon has ever looked, sounded and, yes, most importantly, smelled.

That’s all for the moment. I must now go and stake my evil media control on Twitter.

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